Life Mentor – One-on-One Life Mentoring for Women

Life coach is encouraging you and your business, but a mentor is a counselor meets life coach and walk through life together. There is counseling cause the past comes up and it affects the present or coaching to help discover your future.

Life Mentoring for Married Couples

Trust and experience come together with Dr. Lynnette Simm. She will challenge you to new heights as she provides guidance, advice, feedback, and support to help you navigate life’s everyday adventures.

Dr. Lynnette Simm cultivates a relationship that builds trust as you journey through the twists and turns of life, learning to heal, forgive, and extend grace along the way. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Public Speaker

Share the power of forgiveness and hope with your community by inviting Dr. Lynnette Simm to your next speaking or book signing event. Whether for a small group of friends or a larger audience, Dr. Lynnette offers a variety of topics. She will also customize her talk to suit your group’s specific interests. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear her inspirational story and spread positivity through your community.

  • Topics
  • Surviving Abuse
  • Forgiveness Truths
  • When to tell your children about your past
  • The gift of GOOD therapy
  • When others want you to forget
  • Writing about your pain

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