You Are Courageous!

I had never thought myself to be a courageous person, that was until I had to hold my fourteen-year-old daughter as she struggled to breathe and then watch her being wheeled off for lung surgery. Parenthood will bring out the courage.

Outside of ourselves, it’s easy to see courageous people. When most of us think of courageous people, we automatically think of firefighters, who run into burning buildings. We think of police officers, who come whenever there is danger. Some may even think of doctors, who deal with trauma and life-and-death decisions, as courageous people. No doubt, these are courageous people, but there are so many other people that we sometimes overlook. Courage doesn’t have to be some monumental feat. Courage is also the grit, determination, stamina, and compassion of our everyday actions. I heard it said, that courage is not the absence of fear, but it is what we do regardless of the fear. Courage is seen every day in you.